Year of the dragon #hi2024 #newyear

((WHITE_LADY_HUGS HER WHITE DRAGON:1.5)) Gorgeous (WOMAN and her DRAGON:1.5) (ANIME-STYLE)  ((BEAUTY PERFECT WHITE LADY, WHITE_HAIR WHITE_PALE_SKIN WHITE:NOBLE_DRESS:1.4)) WITH ((A GORGEOUS WHITE CHINESE DRAGON with oaplescent scales and glowing eyes:1.5),  fireworks background. Face_front_view,  (intimidating woman with glowing_opal_eyes:1.4) LOVELY SCENE,  High quality, spectacular image. A perfect female figure, a beautiful, symmetrical face, a pair of bright glowing eyes. A cool and calm appearance, a cold harsh evil look. Iridescent-opalescent scales, Focus on the face and the perfect eyes. (the woman try HUGGING the dragon INVITING POSE:1.3) best quality, masterpiece, beautiful and aesthetic, 16K, (HDR:1.4), high contrast, bokeh:1.2, lens flare, (vibrant color:1.4), (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones:0), Exquisite details and textures, cinematic shot, Warm tone, (Dark and intense:1.2),  Ultra-realistic, intricately dynamic pose, ultra-detailed environment, ultra-detailed background, dark colors, particles, intricate details, atmospheric lighting, dark lighting, ambient occlusion, stunning, award winning illustration, sharp focus, uhd, hdr, Masterpiece, high quality, girl, beautiful demonic seductress, purple eyes, , glowing magical eyes,  animeniji, GlowingRunesAI_gold,  Sexy Women,elf,More Detail,1 girl,celes chere,Golden Chinese Dragon,New Year Style

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