advanced technology of a Type IV civilization, according to the Kardashov scale, terrestrial landscape of the planet X flame, fire, smoke, heat, glow, sparks, lava,
exotic_alien_flora and exotic_alien_fauna, abstract shapes and colors, intricate contrast,

PNG image format, sharp lines and borders, solid blocks of colors, over 300ppp dots per inch, 32k ultra high definition, 530MP, (photorealistic:1.5), 4D, High definition RAW color professional photos, photo, masterpiece, realistic, ProRAW, realism, photorealism, high contrast, digital art trending on Artstation ultra high definition detailed realistic, detailed, skin texture, hyper detailed, realistic skin texture, facial features, armature, best quality, ultra high res, high resolution, detailed, raw photo, sharp re, lens rich colors hyper realistic lifelike texture dramatic lighting unrealengine trending, ultra sharp.

,DonMM4ch1n3W0rldXL ,DonMC3l3st14l3xpl0r3rsXL,3d_toon_xl:0.8, JuggerCineXL2:0.9, detail_master_XL:0.9, detailmaster2.0:0.9,DonMCyb3rN3cr0XL ,Reality XL:1.4, ,EpicLand,iso island

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