today a bunch of remixes with a twist of my style from @ctmaker @decyfer @solarsystem

Extremely realistic, horror art, dread, , forboding, dark, unity 8k wallpaper, ultra detailed, beautiful and aesthetic, masterpiece, best quality, cowboyshot, the most beautiful form of chaos, elegant, a brutalist designed, vivid colours, , tatoos, horror, solo, abandoned, dramatic ligting, , Realist portrait of a deception of ((masterpiece, top quality, best quality, official art, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), (1girl:1.3), extreme detailed, colorful, highest detailed ((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration), ((an extremely delicate and beautiful)), (from side), cinematic light, ((1mechanical girl)), solo, full body, (machine made joints:1.2), ((machanical limbs)), (blood vessels connected to tubes), (mechanical vertebra attaching to back), ((mechanical cervial attaching to neck)), (sitting), expressionless, (wires and cables attaching to neck:1.2), (wires and cables on head:1.2)(character focus), science fiction, white background, (blood:1.5),,,,,,, ), , sweater latex dress, tight mini dress, beautiful face, cool vibes, , masterpiece, , thight latex dress, s, latex uniform, epic, dinamic pose((prison cell)), by james jean $, roby dwi antono $, ross tran $. francis bacon $, michal mraz $, adrian ghenie $, petra cortright $, gerhard richter $, takato yamamoto $, ashley wood, tense atmosphericg, Extremely Realistic,r4w photo,photo r3al,Magical Fantasy style,inst4 style,darkart

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