Mecha Man Simple Armor 4

science fiction, (1male_boy:1.9), brunette short military hair curt, black eyes, purple and black colors ultimate mecha shadow armor sci-fi, full body, epic futuristic_tech background, standing pose,neotech,

PNG image format, sharp lines and edges, solid blocks of colors, 300+ dpi dots per inch, 32k ultra high definition, photorealistic: 1.5, photography, masterpiece, realistic, realism, photorealism, high contrast, digital art trending on Artstation ultra high definition. realistic detailed, detailed, skin texture, hyper detailed, realistic skin texture, facial features, best quality, ultra high resolution, high resolution, detailed, raw photo, sharpness, rich lens colors, hyper realistic realistic texture, lighting dramatic, unrealistic motor tendencies, ultra sharp, intricate details, vibrant colors, perfect feet, sexy legs, perfect hands, sexy arms, highly detailed skin, textured skin, defined body features, detailed shadows,  aesthetic, perfectly symmetrical body,

LineAniRedmondV2-Lineart-LineAniAF:0.8, SDXLanime:0.8, perfecteyes-000007:1.3, EpicAnimeDreamscapeXL:0.8,Midjourney_Style_Special_Edition_0001:0.8, 3DMM_V1 1: 0.8,3d_toon_xl:0.8,JuggerCineXL2:0.9,detail_master_XL:0.9, detailmaster2.0:0.9,mecha musume,eldritchtech,ZentreyaCyborg,gigachad,AIDA_ColGruBioMec,HIGHLY DETAILED,luxtech

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