Winter gifts

(best quality, masterpiece:1.4, beautiful and aesthetic), 32K, (HDR:1.4), high contrast, extremely detailed, hyper realistic, absurdres:1.2, Kodak portra 400, bokeh:1.2, lens flare, (vibrant color:1.4), (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones:0), cinematic lighting, ambient lighting, sidelighting, Exquisite details and textures, cinematic shot, Warm tone, (Bright and intense:1.2), wide shot, ultra realistic illustration, anime style,
Art by Kinuko Y. Craft and Josephine Wall, Stephanie Law, Linda Ravenscroft.
FrostedStyle, On the white beach, there is a transparent glass crystal heart, light blue sea surface and moon, Many gorgeous blue shells and red Staryu. decorated with boundary, 3D, quicksand, dream, Tindal effect, volume light, detailed, transparent, fantasy, super details

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