Highly detailed.High Quality.Masterpiece. Beaitiful (médium long shot).

Young man, 25 years old, brown skin, tall and with a great physique (muscular), with an appearance similar to Tohru's (if he were a man). She has jet black hair (crezpo) tied in a (very small) ponytail, and has messy bangs with a purple gradient to the side strands. He has large, slightly slanted, light blue eyes. He wears a light gray jacket with the Capsule Corporation logo on the left sleeve, a red belt (a taekwondo one). He wears a black tank top under his jacket and dark gray pants (very dark). He is alone, but with a happy smile on his face enjoying a beautiful night of moon and bright stars in the sky. In addition to having an aura around him that is mostly blue with violet details on the edges (an aura in the style of Saiyajin's divine transformations).

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