8k, HQ, (best quality:1.5, hyperrealistic:1.5, photorealistic:1.4, madly detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper:1.5, masterpiece:1.3, madly detailed photo:1.2), (hyper-realistic lifelike texture:1.4, realistic eyes:1.2), handsome mature man, Charlton Heston from The Omega Man, CharltonHStar, picture-perfect face, perfecteyes, perfect anatomy, perfect proportions, perfect perspective, perfect hands, perfect fingers, perfect arm, only 2 arms, manly, masculine, virile, hunky, scruffy, slight shy, blush, excessive sweaty, sexy, charming, alluring, seductive, erotic, enchanting, fantasy, dreamlike, unreal, sweaty, shiny skin, black eyes, black hair, short hair, (crew cut, high fade), layered hair short growth unkempt stubble cover lower half of face, designer stubble, 5 o'clock shadow, POV, solo, white collared shirt, button up shirt, untucked shirt, roll up sleeves, (black jacket, high and rigid collar harrington jacket), rugged scrapper, chiseled jaw, rugged nose, wound contusion on bridge of nose, thick brows, scars on nose, intense gaze, weathered, in creep forest with mist, dark night, ligh from campfire outside frame, boxer body type, rugged charisma, precise details, evoke Dead by Daylight realism, perfect eyes, face focus, close up, upper body and head in frame, stand up straight, smaller eyes, square face, Portrait.

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