((masterpiece, best quality)), ((christmas)), futuristic house, cyber , data, holographic, (santa claus wearing VR headset:1), santa claus uniform, red and white, beard, old, sitting in futuristic chair, A futuristic house, shining with vibrant lights, (best quality,4k,8k,highres,masterpiece:1.2), (realistic,photorealistic,photo-realistic:1.37), ultra-detailed, ultra-modern architecture, cutting-edge design, sleek and angular lines, glass walls, interactive holographic displays, (HDR,UHD) representations, (studio lighting), smart home automation, nature-inspired elements, (vivid colors), floating furniture, high-tech gadgets, state-of-the-art appliances, (bokeh) effect, panoramic views of the cityscape, (physically-based rendering), lush indoor gardens, (sharp focus), minimalist interiors, (extreme detail description), (professional) interior design, futuristic transportation systems, flying vehicles, robotic assistants, (concept artists) dream, a vision of the future.,Cyberpunk VR

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