Take a deep breath and let's work step by step on this problem.expert consistency ,a man in a hockey jersey is posing for a picture with his hands out and his hands out to the side, Derek Chittock, unsettling, concept art, happening,1boy, black background, black eyes, long sleeves, looking at viewer, open hand, open hands, outstretched arm, outstretched arms, outstretched hand, reaching, reaching out, shirt, shrugging, simple background, smile, solo, spread arms, upper body, white jacket, white shirt,High-res, impeccable composition, lifelike details, perfect proportions, stunning colors, captivating lighting, interesting subjects, creative angle, attractive background, well-timed moment, intentional focus, balanced editing, harmonious colors, contemporary aesthetics, handcrafted with precision, vivid emotions, joyful impact, exceptional quality, powerful message, in Raphael style, unreal engine 5,octane render,isometric,eyes,super detailed face and eyes and clothes,perfect depth,High detailed ,Detailedface,realhands

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