Monochrome, Indoors Scene (School), She's doing home labors at school. Thanks giving themed: Thanksgiving turkey

Blonde and Ponytail, Eris Etolia sat at the Thanksgiving table, surrounded by the warm glow of autumn decorations and the delicious aroma of a feast in progress. She found herself engaged in a lively conversation with Turkey Motley, a charismatic and talkative turkey who had miraculously avoided becoming the centerpiece of the meal.

**Create an Illustration of a (skinny:1.0) teanager girl called Eris Etolia**, She's got an defiant attitude; outdoors at the high school, She looks like a stunning teenybopper rebel brat, Remember that she's Blonde with a Ponytail.

She's wearing a Tailored blazer emphasizing the waistline. the Blouses with a V-neck Blouse design to highlight the neckline and draw attention to the chest area. Her skirt length is shortened to emphasize and showcase he beautiful legs, contributing to an aesthetic that emphasizes attractiveness. The knee-high socks with garters add a touch of youthful playfulness, contributing to an overall enhanced aesthetic shes wearing heeled loafers.

💡 **Additional Enhancers:** ((High-Quality)), ((Aesthetic)), ((Masterpiece)), (Intricate Details), Coherent Shape, (Stunning Illustration), [Dramatic Lightning],Thanksgiving turkey

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