anime: 1.9, cartoon: 1.9, imagine a dynamic scene with a dark evil girl, madoka kaname mixed lord of nightmares and anti-spiral, anti-hero. (small_pretty_loli_child:1.9). (deity of everything and nothing, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, interdimensional travel, manipulation of time and space, superior intelligence of the entire known universe, cosmic consciousness, clairvoyant, creates and projects energy, chaos , destruction, great explosion, fury, intolerance, terror, builds or destroys according to its discretion, can create life and destroy it, immortal, invulnerable, intangible, eternal). muscularity, athletic. energy, x-rays, ultraviolet rays. (black hair, long, loose, majestic, detailed, defined: 1.9). (fly, float, levitate in the air without touching the ground). Wide hips. (Completely black eyes: 1.9). (black, dark, lifeless eyes: 1.9), (sclera, iris, black color: 1.9). (colored sclera, black sclera: 1.9). (light gray skin: 1.9). light gray skin. (darkness element: 1.1). (radiant: 1.1). (imposing, majestic, tenacious, calculating: 1.2). (athletic: 1.9). (muscle: 1.5). Intricate details, vibrant colors, perfect feet, sexy legs, perfect hands, sexy arms, highly detailed skin, textured skin, defined body features, detailed shadows, narrow waist. (pure energy, antimatter ball in his hands: 1.6). (pure energy, antimatter concentration in his upright right hand, he is ready to attack: 1.6). (pure energy, antimatter in the palms of your hands: 1.5). Visualize her wrapped in cosmic and negative energy, sexy pose, very large breasts, swaying, radiating darkness. (black suit with gray details: 1.6). ((His body vibrates with great intensity)). Create a message for a super detailed 16k Ultra HDR image that captures the essence of lady_azathoth's brilliant presence. ((perfect face, light gray skin)). dynamic posture. (vibration, vitality, negative energy, halo, halo, dark aura: 1.5). explosion magic, smoke, glowing aura, excessive energy, lightning from the sky, casting a spell. thunder magic, excessive energy , charged aura. Psionic Magic, psychic energy, mana flow, shimmers, esper. Abyssal Tech, dark energy, ethereal, dissolving, see-through, abyss. (arms enveloped in gamma and ultraviolet rays). Flashes of X-rays surround his body. (X-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, which surround your entire body: 1.9). Choose a background that complements your character, creating a cinematic masterpiece with high realism and top-notch image quality.

 3d_toon_xl:0.2,DonMF1re:0.5, FireAI:0.6, Cursed Energy:0.9, XieS:0.3, r1ge - AnimeRage:1.3, :JuggerCineXL2 :0.6,add_detail:0.8,3d cartoon style,Movie still,DonMCyb3rN3cr0XL-000009: 0.5, cyberpunk style,UltraBlackholeTech-20:0.3,blackeyes-v1:1.9,caulifla-nvwls-v1-000009:0.1,yusei_fudo1-10:0.2,oola:0.8,BriarLoL,coloredSclera-000010:1.9,beautifulDetailedEyes_v10:0.4,TQVoidXL:0.7, DonMD4rk3lv3sXL_v1.2-000012:0.8,monstermakerV2:0.8,CosmicEldritchTech-20:0.3,(EnergyVeins:1.4),aura_power,AGGA_STH001,ultrainstinct_v3_offset:1,ExplosionMagic-20:0.7,ThunderMagic-22:0.8,PsionicMagic-20:0.8,AbyssalTech-20:0.8,AntimatterTech-20:0.8,explosionmagic ,thundermagic,antitech

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