Lady Nonexistent Empty...It is a tribute to DC and Marvel comics

anime: 1.9, cartoon: 1.9, Imagine a dynamic scene with an iconic DC Comics character, lady_thanos mixed lady_doctor manhattan, heroine, antihero. (small_pretty_loli_child:1.9). (deity of the void, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, interdimensional travel, manipulation of time and space, superior intelligence of the entire known universe, cosmic consciousness, clairvoyant, creates and projects energy, builds or destroys according to his criteria , can create life, immortal, invulnerable, intangible, eternal). muscularity, athletic. energy, x-rays, ultraviolet rays. (black hair, long, flowing majestically, detailed, defined:1.9). (flying, floating, levitating in the air without touching the ground). wide hips. (Fully black eyes: 1.9). (sclera, iris, black color: 1.9). (colored sclera, black sclera:1.9). (colored light grey skin:1.9). light grey skin. (empty element: 1.1). (radiant: 1.1). (imposing, majestic, tenacious, calculating: 1.2). (athletic: 1.9). (muscular:1.5). (ball of subatomic molecular energy in his hands: 1.6). (concentration of subatomic energy in his upright right hand, he is prepared to attack: 1.6). (radiant atom in the palms of his hands: 1.5). Visualize it wrapped in cosmic and negative energy, sexy pose, very large breasts, swaying, radiating. (black suit with gray details: 1.6). ((His body vibrates with great intensity)). Create a message for a super-detailed 16k Ultra HDR image that captures the essence of Doctor Manhattan's glowing presence. ((perfect face, light gray skin)). dynamic pose. (brightness, vibe, vitality, negative energy, halo, halo, cosmic aura: 1.5), (arms wrapped in gamma and ultraviolet rays). Flashes of x-rays surround his body. (x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, which surround your entire body: 1.9). Choose a background that complements your character, creating a cinematic masterpiece with high realism and top-notch image quality,

 3d_toon_xl:0.2,DonMF1re:0.5, FireAI:0.6, Cursed Energy:0.5, XieS:0.3, r1ge - AnimeRage:1.3, :JuggerCineXL2 :0.6,add_detail:0.8,3d cartoon style,Movie still,DonMCyb3rN3cr0XL-000009: 0.2, cyberpunk style,UltraBlackholeTech-20:0.3,blackeyes-v1:1.9,caulifla-nvwls-v1-000009:0.1,yusei_fudo1-10:0.2,oola:0.8,BriarLoL,coloredSclera-000010:1.9,beautifulDetailedEyes_v10:0.4,TQVoidXL:0.7, DonMD4rk3lv3sXL_v1.2-000012:0.8,monstermakerV2:0.8,CosmicEldritchTech-20:0.3,

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