Shunkaha - Ariona's Teammate

(masterpiece, best quality:1.4, high quality, absurdres, ultra-detailed, detailed background, depth of field), 1male, (beautiful, aesthetic, perfect, delicate, intricate:1.2),((male named: Shunkaha, African:1.4, black_male, black_skin:1.4, full body, walking, perfect face, perfecteyes, amber_eyes, bald, no_hair, white_beard:1.3, determined)), soldier, ((black_pants, teal_shirt, handgun_holstered_right_leg)), ((perfectly holding a large grey weapon in his both hands, rifle, carbine, grey_weapon:1.4)), (Mos Espa, Desert city, sand, Starwars Tatooine), by Shunkaha, outside, dramatic lighting, rim lighting, night, night sky, high contrast,midjourney,no_humans,weapon,High detailed ,scenery,

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