Noe under the moon

(datamoshing:1.5), (8k uhd, masterpiece, best quality, high quality, absurdres, ultra-detailed, detailed background, depth of field), (beautiful, aesthetic, perfect, delicate, intricate:1.2), (1girl), (solo), (named Noe: kawaii, short_dark_black_flowing_hair:1.3, human, emerald eyes:1.3), (cyberpunk style, aodai cyber, slate grey dress with teal highlights), gentle breeze, twilight hair, moonlight, (clutching katana, blade gleaming under the moonlight:1.4), swift rust, leaves, magical, (serene background:1.3), Chrysanthemum, fierce, smirking, determined eyes, spectral moon, mysterious, faint mist, water surface, silver lighting, eyes glittering (poorly_lit, dark moonlight:1.3), fantasy,

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