4k full body cinematic shot photo of a male space elf in a cyber samurai mech aiming a sci-fi rifle in sci-fi african savannah, african savannah in backround, vegetation weapons, aiming rifle, weapon in hand, anatomically correct hands, matte white black sleek orange and red accent colors , bulky weathered space marine armor, 4k bioluminescent eyes, sci fi daggers on body, realistic armor texture, bulky full body armor panels, hi-tech equipment, kintsugi gengji from overwatch armor and sword, shaved head hairstyle, subsurface scattering, perfect_teeth, mecha bow and quiver on back, loose wires, spear mecha weapons in hand_energy blade, mecha jetpack, cyberpunk exosuit, 4 thrusters, detailed panel lining, mechanical, high quality, volumetric, beautiful, dslr, 8k, 4k, ultrarealistic, realistic face, insanely detailed face, natural skin, textured skin, Movie Still, mecha, vengeful amber eyes, eyes tiny glow,elven_ears, Read description,armored core

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