4k full body cinematic shot photo of a male space elf in a cyber samurai mech aiming a sci-fi rifle in sci-fi jungle elven mech yard, weapons, aiming rifle, weapon in hand, anatomically correct hands, matte bronze black sleek orange and neon teal accent colors , bulky weathered space marine armor, 4k bioluminescent eyes, sci fi daggers on body, clear square eye screen with data displayed, white sclera eye color, 4k realistic eyes, realistic armor texture, bulky full body interlocking armor panels, handsome face, face photorealistic, angry face, fit, 4k hyperrealistic face, muscular, mature males, photorealistic cyberpunk elf Man, hi-tech equipment, kintsugi gengji from overwatch armor and sword, shaved head hairstyle, vampire_teeth, subsurface scattering, perfect_teeth, Extremely detailed face,  mecha bow and quiver on back, loose wires, spear mecha weapons in hand_energy blade, mecha jetpack, cyberpunk exosuit, 4 thrusters, detailed panel lining, mechanical, high quality, volumetric, freckles, beautiful, dslr, 8k, 4k, ultrarealistic, realistic face, insanely detailed face, natural skin, textured skin, Movie Still, mecha, landscape inside elven spaceship hangar, Lunar eclipse background, lunar orange glow, vengeful amber eyes, eyes tiny glow,elven_ears, Read description,armored core,greg rutkowski

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