(action shot of a far (creature fusion of giant insect, machine, soft-bodied animal, composite materials, artificial nerves, artificial muscles, and titanium alloy, glowing, mechanical joints, cockpit, intricate bronze elements, ((thin film of oil on metal)) (Cybernetic enhancements:1.4), (Bioluminescent abdomen:1) (large beautyful intricate transparent wings:1.2), (by Leonardo da Vinci:1.3):1.4) far away (long spaceship) landing on the ground tilted backwards, tilted it lands with a loud noise, lifting the dust from the ground, smoke streaming from the reactors below, in a far vibrant dystopian cyberpunk city at sunset, (a female/male cyborgs in the foreground is watching:1), a visor over the eyes, with passengers waiting to board, people working on the spaceship, repairing it:) ((black, red, white) cybernetic bodyarmor), (the armor is damaged), (layers of rust, dust and blood on the armor are visible) threatening weapon
movie still, film still, cinematic shot, scenery, side view, Cinematic scene, extreme long shot, view from below shot, dynamic angle, dynamic pose, motion blur, masterpiece, best quality, 8k, natural lighting, soft lighting, rim sunlight, wide-angle,
intricate details, highly detailed, high quality, sharp focus Professional photography, bokeh, natural lighting, cinema composition, film framing, dramatic sunset cloudy sky, J. M. W. Turner sunset, moody, Bronze indoors, Dune movie, night, dark theme
(masterpiece, top quality, best quality, beautiful and aesthetic:1), cinematic light, volumetric lighting, rim lighting, , lens flare, soft bokeh, science fiction, cyberpunk city, far perspective, Airbrush painting, Canon EF, 35mm, Vibrant Color, (lens flares:1), (motion blur:1) RAW photo shot by dslr Fujifilm XT3, , visually stunning, dark atmosphere, night,
cinematic Rim illumination, epic, breathtaking, dramatic, completed artwork, far perspective, (2 tone blue emerald/orange lighting:1.2)

   pbr texture, grit, stains, (metal worn edges:1.2)
fdxlborisvallejo style, Art by Boris Vallejo,

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