Japanese Gilr

1girl, solo, hair ornaments, mistakes, braids, jewelry, long flowing hair, white hair, flowers, earrings, long sleeves, dresses, clouds around, building from afar,
((((((see-through dress)))))), daxiushan for upper body, lower body naked,

long white legs visible from the skirt, showing all the way to the waist, slit skirt showing long legs, sexy legs, white legs, showing many areas of the legs from ankle to stomach, showing one breast, showing most of the nipples, Do not wear underwear, showing crotch, showing long legs up to crotch, ((((((((naked body, showing genitals, showing navel, showing waist, showing chest, showing right breast, ))))))) ,

decoration, chakra, (( beautiful eyes )), whole body, little flower in hair, (((korean girl face))),
,mythical cloud,realistic, ,xxmixgirl,3d drawing,korean girl,3d style,
cinematic film (Raw Photo:1.3) from (Ultrarealistic:1.3), different postures, arms raised, ((arms up)), rainbow, in second-hand 1800's peasant clothes, crazy aggressive face and eyes, fantasy, concept art, NYFlowerGirl, raise your hands, tropical rain, jump, hands gently touch your face, close up, Small cherry blossoms flying everywhere, the wind blowing the girl's clothes,FilmGirl

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