的 Easter Egg Design Event 的

The "Easter Egg" prompts:

Mar.29th: bunny
Mar.30th: gold

Mar.31st: flower

Apr.1st: light

Apr.2nd: Everything! Happy Easter Holiday!

Event Duration: UTC 00:00 Mar.29th - UTC 00:00 Apr.3rd

We have a special treat just for you - a unique template: Paint your Easter Egg! to use for creating charmingly designed Easter eggs. Share your creations far and wide by posting with tag EasterEgg, and let everyone marvel at your craft!


In return for your participation, we offer delightful Easter eggs from the platform! Every day, we will reward 50 credits to users who successfully hit the "Easter Egg" prompts. You will find out what the "Easter Egg" prompts were from the day before only on the next day. During the event, we will constantly publish the reward prompts in this event announcement each day, so remember to check back frequently!


For instance, the "Easter Egg" prompt for March 26th is "cuite bunny". It will be announced on March 27th. Any user who includes the prompt "cute bunny" in their Easter-related post on March 26th will earn themselves a reward of 50 credits, to be received on March 27th!


The primary goal of this event is to stimulate your creativity and encourage crafting of splendid Easter-themed content from all sorts of unique perspectives. Please be original and participate with your personalized content! Also, to keep the joyful atmosphere intact, ensure your shared content is Safe for Work.

Experience the joy and exuberance of Easter to its fullest! We wish you a Happy Easter and a delightful time prompting!