The Virtual Life of Eggs

Event Restrictions:

No matter how you generate images and how they are presented, the style of your images must conform to Anime, Illustration, or Sci-Fi. These three channels must also be selected when you post your images for your participation in the activity to be considered successful.


While there are various ways to generate images, we recommend generating them in Realtime Generate for a more engaging experience.

Daily Theme:

DAY 1: A mysterious egg

DAY 2: The appearance of this mysterious egg has changed.

DAY 3: The egg breaks the shell, and the creature inside emerges with some body parts (like a head, or horns, or a tail).

DAY 4: The creature inside the egg has matured and grown completely.


Special First Prize: Post a post that tells the entire four-day story (there is no limit on the number of images) and tag #easteregg will have a chance to win 200 credits.

Participation Award: If you participate in the event and post with the tag #easteregg, you'll earn 30 credits.


All rewards will be settled uniformly within three working days after the end of the event. Each participating user will receive an Easter Egg reward worth 200 credits or 30 credits! Wishing you all a joyful Easter, let your creativity flow in our event! Please note, each user can only claim one reward.

The benefits of Realtime Generation:

1.Speed: AI can generate images quickly based on the input description, eliminating long wait times.

2.Personalization: Users can receive images that are fully customized to their specifications and style.

3.Flexibility: AI can handle everything from simple illustrations to complex scenes.

4.Cost-effective: Compared to hiring professional image designers, AI-generated images can be more affordable.

5.Creative Exploration: Users can freely experiment with various creative ideas without worrying about human or time constraints.

6.Immediate Revisions: If the generated image is not satisfactory, it can be immediately modified and regenerated.

7.Accessibility: With an internet connection, AI image generation services can be accessed at any time.