• MOOD MAGIC SERIES • I. Melancholy


MOOD MAGIC: adding emotion to your prompts

Melancholy & Gloom

Overcast: Cloud-covered skies for subdued lighting.

Dim Lighting: Limited light sources for creating deep shadows.

Muted Colors: Toned-down color palette to convey sadness or desolation.

Dusky: Twilight ambiance, suggesting the fading light of day.

Foggy: A thick mist that obscures details and softens the scene.

Drizzly: Gentle rain that adds a reflective, melancholic quality.

Cloudy: Thick clouds that reduce brightness and saturate the scene with grey.

Desaturated: Low color saturation to enhance the bleak feel.

Shadowed: Prominent shadows that deepen the mood.

Moody Lighting: Emotionally charged lighting with strong contrasts.

Gloomy: Overall dark and dismal atmosphere.

Monochrome: Black and white or single-color dominance to strip away cheer.

Underexposed: Darker exposure to mimic a sense of foreboding.

Chiaroscuro: Strong contrasts between light and dark, emphasizing turmoil.

Hazy: Blurred or smoky atmosphere, creating a sense of mystery or unease.

Twilight: Dim natural lighting that can feel lonely or isolating.

Stormy: Implication of an approaching or ongoing storm to add tension.

Wintery: Cold, barren landscape cues, even in urban settings.

Grainy: Visual noise that adds an old or troubled quality.

Bleak: Stark, harsh lighting or barren scenery settings.

Ominous Clouds: Dark, menacing clouds that threaten bad weather.

Subdued Tones: Soft, low-key colors that don't catch the eye.

Cold Colors: Blues and greys to suggest chilliness and discomfort.

Rusty: Implications of decay and neglect.

Aged: A sense of time wearing down the scene, historical weariness.

Soft Focus: Slightly out-of-focus elements to create a sense of disorientation or confusion.

Tenebrous: Deeply shadowed, almost pitch-dark.

Low-Key Lighting: Minimal lighting mostly in darkness with occasional highlights.

Pensive: Engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.

Yearning: A feeling of intense longing for something typically something that one has lost or been separated from.

Weary: Conveying a sense of tiredness or exhaustion, both physical and emotional.

Sparse: Minimalist or bare settings that suggest simplicity or emptiness.

Brooding: A deep, serious, and sometimes dark contemplation.

Silent: Lack of sound or motion, emphasizing solitude or contemplation.

Ephemeral: Fleeting or transitory, suggesting the transient nature of moments and emotions.

Desolate: Emptiness that conveys a sense of abandonment or loneliness.

Poetic: Imbued with a sense of beauty and melancholy, often through lyrical expression.

Moody Skies: Cloudy, stormy, or unsettled skies that reflect a turbulent emotional landscape.

Cold Light: Harsh, unyielding light that doesn’t warm but isolates subjects.

Autumnal: Related to autumn, often seen as a melancholic season due to its association with the end of summer.

Faded: Colors or elements that have lost brightness, suggesting the passing of time.

Blue Hour: Moody cool natural lighting obtained in the twilight hour just after sunset or just before sunrise.

Example using Stable Diffusion SDXL + refiner

Checkpoint: RealVis4

Cfg: 5.5

Steps: 40

Sampler: DPM++ 3m SDE Karras

Visualize a close-up portrait of a young woman standing by a foggy window, her gaze distant and contemplative. The room is dimly lit, with only a soft, diffuse light filtering through the heavy overcast outside, casting subtle shadows across her face. The colors are desaturated, emphasizing a palette of cool grays and muted blues that reflect her somber mood. Her expression is serene yet melancholic, with her eyes slightly downcast as if lost in thought. The background is blurred, enhancing the sense of isolation and introspection. This portrait captures the essence of melancholy, framed in a moment of quiet solitude.

negative: illustration, cartoon, anime, 3d, digital art, bad quality, CGI, sketch, drawn, blurry, painting, worst quality, low quality, bad anatomy, bad hands, bad body, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits