A quick reference guide to key words to use when prompting. This portion covers camera angles, perspectives and shot types. This are great to keep in mind when seeking to produce photographic or cinematic images.

Bird's Eye View: A high-angle shot showing the scene from directly above.

Worm's Eye View: A low-angle shot looking up from ground level.

Over-the-Shoulder Shot: A shot taken from behind a person's shoulder, showing their perspective.

Close-Up: A detailed shot focusing closely on a subject, such as a person's face.

Extreme Close-Up: A very tight shot focusing on a specific detail, like an eye.

Wide Shot: A broad shot capturing the entire scene.

Medium Shot: A shot showing a subject from the waist up.

Point of View (POV): A shot showing the scene from a character's perspective.

Dutch Angle: A tilted shot creating a dynamic, skewed perspective.

High Angle: A shot looking down at the subject from above.

Low Angle: A shot looking up at the subject from below.

Establishing Shot: A wide shot that sets the scene and context.

Tracking Shot: A moving shot following the subject

Tilt: A vertical movement of the camera up or down.

Rack Focus: A shot shifting focus from one subject to another within the same frame.

Two-Shot: A shot featuring two people interacting.

Medium full shot or Cowboy Pose: a shot capturing the subject from below the hip and up.

Frontal view: Subject is facing camera

Rear view: Subject's back is to camera

Side profile: Subject captured from the side