Caption your images with the help of my beginner friendly CustomGPT


Introducting The Caption Captain: auto-tagging tool for quick and easy captions.

When it comes to building a successful LoRA model the captions are arguably as important as the images you use to create it. They are more than just descriptions. They are the foundation that teaches the AI how to interpret and generate the images.

Poor captions make it difficult for the AI to produce images with your concept and can even interfere with the capabilities that are already integrated in within the checkpoint you choose.

One thing everyone can agree on is that proper captioning is time consuming and monotonous. This is especially true for beginners who aren't even sure where to really start.

That is why I created this CustomGPT to help provide users with, at the very least, a starting point to help ensure that each image is given the proper captions needed to produce a functional model.

While this tool might not be effective for the more advanced LoRA creators, it might just be the perfect answer to those wanting to dip their toes into customizing their experience with generative AI.

"The Caption Captain" will ask the users a series of questions to help determine which captioning format will apply to their concept and guide the user through details that a beginner may not realize are necessary to compile adequate tags to their images.

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