FluxCore ~ FemToon




✨FluxCore ~ FemToon✨

A fusion of realism & cartoon with the 70/30 bias shift to Toon, focusing primarily on females. This is basically FluxCore reversed.

I wanted the realism soul aesthetics, especially the skin shading incorporated onto female Toon subject canvas, high attention to lighting & defined edges for standout.

I think it achieves that quite well. It's very versatile and you can get the desired results changing VAE's. I recommend LowRA, Epi_Noise offset & Detail Slider LoRA's to be used in conjunction for deeper, more intense & colourful imagery, but standing alone it produces wonderful results.

You can refer to my images for example parameters and prompts, and also

see more examples and run FluxCore ~ FemToon <<< here!

Please post your creations and leave a 5* rating 👍 & 💖 as that helps me immensely.

Love & Digital Kisses


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SD 1.5

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