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✨FluxCore ~ FemineX✨

The next release of my FluxCore model is 'FemineX'.

Continuing with my love of Dark realism & Cyber realism, this model's focus is on Erotica. Breasts, the naked female body & Asian female aesthetics are the focal points, with a sexual backdrop!

I've merged some of my LoRA's into the model to give more control on female anatomy through simple prompting, breast size is very responsive to a high degree, I think it achieves stunning results.

It's very versatile and you can get the desired results changing VAE's.

I recommend LowRA & Detail Slider LoRA's to be used in conjunction for a deeper, more intense result.

Parameters I use are as follows:

DPM++ 2M Karras

Steps: <35>

CFG: <7>

Clip: 2

512 x 768 + Hi-Res

Just like FluxCore & FluxCore~Quanta it certainly doesn't benefit from overly technical prompting, direct, descriptive, to the point is enough to generate exceptional images....

Please kindly post your beautiful creations as I adore seeing all the wonderful differences people come up with.

Love & Digital Kisses

Apolonia 💋

Version Detail

SD 1.5

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Reprinting is strictly prohibited

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