"An abstract expressionist oil painting, combining the dramatic styles of Caravaggio and Peter Paul Rubens.", "The subject is a towering lighthouse standing on a rugged cliff at the edge of a stormy sea. The lighthouse, adorned with intricate carvings and weathered symbols, emits a powerful beam of light that pierces through the dark, swirling mists, casting sharp contrasts and deep shadows. The turbulent sea crashes against the cliff, illuminated by the lighthouse's glow, revealing strange, shadowy sea creatures emerging from the depths. A small boat, struggling against the rough, strong waves, is positioned further from the shore, its occupants battling the storm as they are tossed by the ferocious sea. The cliff is covered in windswept, gnarled vegetation, adding to the scene's wild and untamed nature. Above, the sky is tumultuous, with heavy, dark clouds illuminated by flashes of lightning, creating a dramatic and intense atmosphere. The overall mood is one of dramatic tension and mystical wonder, capturing the abstract expressionist essence of intense contrasts and dynamic compositions.", HDR, 8K

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