A person vaping on an empty stomach, enjoying the sweet and fruity aroma of Black Cherry Cheesecake e-liquid. They are using a vaporizer with a metal or ceramic tip, similar to those found on Select Strains cartridges. The vaporizer rests on a wooden surface, adorned with a few items: a small bowl of gumbo, a jazz or bluegrass record player, and a pipe filled with finely ground bud. The person appears content, taking slow and steady draws from the vaporizer while sitting back and taking in the surrounding atmosphere. Their expression suggests a perfect balance between the head high provided by the sativa properties and the body relaxation from the indica. The textures of the wooden surface, the ceramic vaporizer, and the smooth bowl of gumbo contrast beautifully with the plastic tip of the CO2 cartridge, adding depth and interest to the image. The overall scene evokes a sense of leisurely enjoyment and appreciation for the simple pleasures in life, all while experiencing the delicious flavor and effects of Black Cherry Cheesecake by Select Strains.

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