Create a masterpiece illustration of the stunning Colombian model, her long wavy dark brown hair framing her face as she embodies Art Nouveau and Gothic styles. Draped in a sleek black dress with over-the-shoulder silhouette, she dons a fur-trimmed capelet and fashionable accessories, radiating glamour like a Hollywood star. Cinematic lighting shines down on her, casting sidelighting that accentuates the curves of her figure. Set against a dark, ominous backdrop, the composition is perfectly balanced using the golden ratio. The model's anatomy is rendered in impeccable detail, with intricate textures and hyper-realistic features. The overall effect is a work of art that would trend on both CGSociety and ArtStation, rivaling the masterpieces of H.R. Giger and Beksinski. Create an ultra-realistic illustration with a Siena natural ratio, using AI Pic 3D to achieve a level of realism that rivals Octane Render's capabilities.

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