Imagine a breathtaking raw photo image skillfully utilizing the unique characteristics of a single-focus lens to portray the ethereal transparency of a male model. Employing a narrow depth of field, the image seamlessly captures the subject in crisp focus while delicately blurring the surroundings. Each fine detail, from the strands of his hair to the subtle contours of his skin, is meticulously highlighted. The lens creates a mesmerizing bokeh effect, enhancing the sense of depth and accentuating the model's graceful form. This hyper-realistic portrayal not only leverages the technical prowess of a single-focus lens but also accentuates the elusive quality of transparency, resulting in an artful fusion of precision and ethereal beauty.
BREAK, handsome  22 year old Chinese man, medium shot, dark brown eyes, detailed eyes, detailed iris, detailed face, brown hair color, beautiful hair, big smile(looking at viewer), black leather jacket, black leather pants, black boots, jewelry, makeup,  intricate details, depth of field, (detailed face:1.2), (detailed eyes:1.2), (detailed background), (gradients), colorful,  visual key, shiny skin, Medium shot, Action camera. Portrait film. Standard lens. Golden hour lighting. sharp focus, 8k, UHD, high quality, intricate detailed, highly detailed, hyper-realistic Channel a cute and sexy look, creating a dramatic and captivating silhouette,(Very beautiful cute face :1.2), looking at the viewer,1girl, girl, ((centered image)), ,More Detail,leonardo,Masterpiece,wearing

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