Aerith Gainsborough, aerith gainsborough, choker, cropped jacket, hair bow, bracelet, pink dress,a real person with a different skin color than the original image, relaxing in a hot spring surrounded by cherry blossoms, mountains and a waterfall. The style is inspired by the works of ff7. The lighting is dark and moonlit, creating a contrast with the glowing background. Add some birds and fish in the background. Make the water more clear. Make it the top view. Change the hair color blonde. Add more details. Remove the fireflies and snowflakes. Make it a night scene. ((ccbotan, short hair, multicolored hair, streaked hair, animal ears, hairclip, hair over one eye)),(realistic:1.0), photorealistic, octane render,(hyperrealistic:0.7) ,Korean,idol,1 girl,beauty,girl,aabotan, (Masterpiece, Top Quality, Best Quality, Official Art, Beauty and Aesthetics: 1.2), HDR, high contrast, wide shot,Pirate, long hair,Botan,aerith gainsborough

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