((extremely realistic photo)), (professional photo), ((masterpiece: 1.2), (best quality, ultra detailed, photorealistic: 1.37) high quality, high definition, super detailed, unreal engine, award-winning photograph, ultra realistic photography, 3d, 8k, cinematic lighting, volumetric lights, hard edge lighting, hyper-realistic photography, HDR, volume, ________________________________
((Style Peter Lindberg:0.4), (Lee Jeffries:0.6)), The image feature a photograph of a sexy beautiful long wavy white hair woman, wearing a red blouse with a black mini-skirt and red stockings, posing on the woods,  ((extremely realistic textures and skin)), (extreme and intricate details), ((raw photo, 64k:1.37)), ((sharp focus:1.2)), (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones ), siena natural ratio, ((more detail xl)),more detail XL,detailmaster2,Enhanced All, masterpiece, art, 1girl,photo r3al,pencil sketch

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