(Highest Quality, 8K, High Resolution, Masterpiece), Ultra-Detailed, (Photo Realistic), Detailed and perfect beautiful 16 year old female face, 45 degree overhead view, natural white skin, natural standing pose, looking into distance, round face, bright steeple eyes, looks like a living human face, perfect body lines, highly detailed and glossy lips, highly detailed and woven beautiful hair, geometric patterns in gold and black colors, very detailed and very detailed and shiny lips, very detailed and braided beautiful hair, precise and intricately shiny body with extreme color geometric patterns, blue glowing round core booster on chest, detailed light crossed deep space background, (accurate anatomy), perfect hands, HD, shallow depth of field, original character, Beautifully posed, (highres), (mechanical theme), semi-cyborg woman with biomechanical arms and human body, cinematic lighting highlights the intricate details of her cybernetic limbs, creating a visually stunning image that blurs the human-machine fusion. This high-resolution masterpiece captures the essence of the fusion of technology and human beauty,

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