((Highly accurate drawing in every detail) Extremely precise depiction) [High resolution], (Meticulous illustration, very detailed and detailed drawing, delicate lines with varying speed and speed, realistic texture expression), [Color traced main lines], [Deep Nordic forest], ((Irish girl) Beauty 13 years old) [Braided hair] Medium build [Sickly face], ((Little Red Riding Hood) Apron dress [(Ruffle) Ribbon]) [Meat cleaver [Knife]], Gravure [[Bizarre atmosphere] Gothic horror], (Fine and beautiful skin expression [Transparency]), ((Precisely drawn eyes)) [Clear eye details ((Jewel-like beautiful eyes) Detailed iris ((Clearly drawn pupils))], [Eye light [Pinpoint lighting for the eyes]], [Long and beautiful eyelashes], [Meticulously drawn hair [Beautiful and glossy hair [Details]],(Perfect hand details [Beautiful fingers without flaws [Beautiful nails]]),(Perfect anatomy (Perfectly balanced proportions))[[Full body image: 0.4]],[Ideal color coordination (Accurate simulation of the interaction of light and materials)],([Precise details] (Details, high definition)),[[Soft and gentle colors]][Visual art with a sense of narrative][[Natural eroticism]],((Top quality) Highly detailed [[High density drawing]])(8K quality).

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