(detailed, intricate, masterful animation digital art drawing:2), (thin black outline:2). (cute, young, slim, anthropomorphic, strong, athletic, tall, graceful, charismatic:2) (medieval frog lady assassin:3) (blowing bubbles with straw, dreaming:4) (showing cut throat gesture:5) (with strong human emotions:3), (emotional face, open mouth, widened eyes:3). (human-like proportions:1.5), (detailed hands, neat hands, long thin fingers:1.5), (detailed eye iris:2). (wearing intricate nobleman clothes, long pants and funny hat:2). (dynamic gestures:1.5), (dynamic emotions:1.5), (dynamic pose:1.5). (no background, white background:3), (full height, whole body:3), (masterpiece, stunning, trending, gorgeous:2). (side view:3)

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