A majestic shot from a grand angle, captures a group of five israeli jewish blondes, vary age, vary fitness body type, mature, striking features as they confidently stands outside an abandoned restaurant in a dry desert full of tall cactuses. They radiates beauty, with tattoos and piercing. They're surrounded by cats , adding a whimsyis atmosphere. They are dressed in form-fitting T-shirt with vibrant text reading "chupa chupa", wearing a luminous cotton micro-kini witn an opening on their left thigh. Framed to highlight their ultra-realistic, body details, showcasing a sensual smile and naughty gaze. In a 16k-quality photoshoot, they poses confidently, their entire figure captured in stunning detail as the sunlight casts a warm glow on their ultra-realistic, super-detailed skin, emphasizing every curve and contour, with precision and clarity, a true masterpiece of cinematic photography.,3d,Extremely Realistic,shards,APEX colourful

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