score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, (Lucy, from the Fallout series, stands confidently in the center of the image), (Black hair), (in settlement), (her body painted intricately in swirling patterns of gold and red). (She wears her iconic close buttons Vault jumpsuit), (the material clinging to her voluptuous form). (Her face is adorned with a sweet smile), (her lips parted ever so slightly). (She's in a playful, naughty pose), (In her right hand, she holds a gun), (aiming it towards the zombie). (The background is a surreal mix of floating bottle cap and glowing zombie ghouls:1.4), (a strange, ethereal settlement visible in the distance). (The sky above is a deep purple hue), (casting a sultry glow over the scene). (Lucy's fur shimmers in the soft light), (her eyes sparkle with mischief and sensuality), (Disney Pixar),more detail XL

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