Hyperrealistic image, an old wizard, full body, with hood, white beard, blue-green robe, carrying a magic book, walking through a desert, there is a portal to another dimension, portal to another different world with blue sky and rich and colorful vegetation , a mysterious figure standing, as if entering the portal, mystery atmosphere, science fiction style, delicate details, subtle texture, soft focus effect, soft shadows, minimalist aesthetics, soft lighting, elegant simplicity, serene composition, attractive timeless, visual smoothness, very high quality and high detail RAW color photography, professional lighting, sophisticated color grading, sharp focus, soft bokeh, stunning contrast, dramatic style, depth of field, perfect color matching, CGI digital painting, 35mm film photography, CineStill 50D, 800T, natural lighting, shallow depth of field, sharp details, hbo movie netflix color LUT, 32K, UHD, HDR, film light, panoramic shot, stunning, hyper realistic, ultra realism, photography high speed, perfect contrast, award-winning cinematography, directed by lars von trie, style

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