Realist portrait of a deception of ( breathtaking ethereal RAW photo of female ((extremely realistic photo)), (professional photo), (Best quality, 8k, 32k, Masterpiece, HD: 1.2),(1girl)masterpiece, (photorealistic:1.4 ), ((masterpiece)), (((best quality))),(A art with stylized shapes luxury and sophistication:1.3) ), (ultra realistic,32k,RAW photo),(high detailed skin:1.1), beautiful and detailed illustration, pop art, masterpiece, best quality, ultra-detailed, soft lighting, cinematic shot, vibrant colors, gorgeous colors, futuristic:1.0), (horror:1.3)(((masterpiece))), (((best quality))), 
(((seductive alluring))), photorealistic painting by (Wayne Barlow and Carne Griffiths),vibrant colors, female, masterpiece, sharp focus, best quality, depth of field, cinematic lighting, ((solo, one woman )), (illustration, 8k CG, extremely detailed), masterpiece, ultra-detailed, solo, ((Cowboy Shot: 1.5)), 1 girl, beautiful korean girl, looking at viewer, 18 yo, over sized eyes, big eyes, smiling, (medium breast, show cleavage, show navel, Ancient Egypt princess, head ornaments, alluring smile, perfect hands, perfect fingers, beautiful small hands, sexy, skimpy, photo of perfecteyes eyes, sexy pose), masterpiece, UHD, realism, realistic, depth of field, wide view, raytraced, full length body, mystical, luminous, high resolution, sharp details, translucent, beautiful.

Brian M. Viveros, 
intricate details, 
highly detailed, 
ultra realistic, 
cinematic, ct-goeuun,dami, ct-eujiiin,ct-jeniiii, ct-fujiii

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