((Masterpiece, best quality, ultra details, 8k, HDR)), Lenkaizm,(absurdity), Envision a warrior with lightning hair, (holding weapon:1.8), wearing an ethereal battle armor glowing with intense sparkling light, heroic muscular, mechanical leg, robotics neon rivets, light reflection, super artsy, algorithmic artful, arching light, goddess, divine, outerwold, super detail, exquisite details,ultralman style, tokusatsu theme, sharp focus, battle scene, vivid color, light beam, saint seiya, berserk, btx, cosmos, starry sky, moon, legendary, ultimate form,  jet thruster, wing cannon, jet leg,  neon rivets armaments, metal wings, (red fiery cape on shoulder:1.3),DonM3v1lM4dn355

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