This is the story of this century's deviants.
Astro-Ho aimed to
Called “New World”
A planet of luxury imported homes.
From Alpha Centauri
on the internet
buy a cowboy hat
At the Nitrogen Breathing Organism Club
Speak Mars slang.
“Terra is no longer popular.”

This was his catchphrase.

Poor Astro-Ho,
I don't look like anyone else.
On Earth, it is called a minor,
A certain nation on an artificial planet in the constellation Leo.
As soon as I became naturalized, I went to the consulate stationed in Terra.
It will be displayed in the national lottery.
The Saturnian accent I acquired
Becoming the envy of ordinary Terrans,
Surrounded everywhere you go
Poor Astro-Ho,
In my later years, I wet my titanium pillow with tears,
In a pose of a will, he spat out Lunar words.

“I want you to take me back to my hometown.”

Poor Astro-Ho,
I don't look like anyone.

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