masterpiece, top quality, best quality, beautiful and aesthetic,
watercolor,(soft focus:2.0),
BREAK,(daydream:1.2),best lighting,  bokeh,  lens flare, 

1girl,cute,kawaii,smile,japanese teenager,smiling,(Randomly hair style:1.5),15yo,

looking at viewer,(from below:2.0), looking at viewer,action,pose,Cleavage is visible from the chest,
(Outfits with a lot of exposed skin:1.5),(The navel is visible:1.5),medium breasts, BREAK
Lucha Libre Wrestler,
Embrace the vibrant and theatrical world of Lucha Libre with a wrestler-inspired costume, Begin with a colorful and patterned lucha libre mask, available in various designs and styles, Pair the mask with a matching wrestling singlet or bodysuit featuring bold graphics, stripes, or patterns, Add knee pads and elbow pads for authenticity and protection, 
Complete the look with high-top wrestling boots or sneakers in a coordinating color, Optionally, accessorize with wristbands, armbands, and a championship belt prop for added drama, Style your hair in a sleek ponytail or braid to keep it out of the way during high-energy matches,

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