Generate hyper realistic image of a mesmerizing (Japanese) geisha, ((full body)), sensual makeup, beautiful and sexy woman, 25 years old, her luscious (((black hair))) with (((side bangs))) framing her enchanting face as she gazes directly at the viewer with a coy, yet sensual (smile). ((Intricate hair ornaments)). Exquisite ear jewelery. With a tilt of her head, she accentuates her alluring features, drawing attention to her lips, painted a tantalizing shade of crimson. Perfect dark eyes (smoky eyes) with double eyelids. Red eyeshadow and a blush on the cheeks of her white powdered face. She embodies sensuality, sophistication and eroticism in equal measure, leaving an indelible impression on all who behold her. Perfect round medium close-set breasts. (((Backlight))). Bokeh. Her long (((flowing red hair))) is combed forward to accentuate her bare back
p3rfect boobs,oil paint,cleavage, UHD, 8K, sharp focus, intricate, bokeh, perfect volumetric lighting, epic light, masterpiece, intense colors, vibrant colors, chromatic aberration

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