(photorealistic, masterpiece:1.5), best quality, beautiful lighting, realistic, real image, intricate details, depth of field, full body shot,1man, male focus, solo, extremely handsome, muscular, bara, (male underwear, underwear bulge:1), muscular man, (male fairy:1.5), (deep violet crystallized fairy wings:1), abs, nipples, pectorals, (big beautiful crystallized violet colored fairy wings:1), flexing, topless male, navel, short metallic-purple hair, large pectorals, male, biceps, underground cavern filled with amethyst gems, sparkling everywhere, exterior, stomach, anatomically correct, realistic crystal, hot body, beautiful epic dyanmic lighting, photorealistic (medium), 8k uhd, film grain, ((bokeh)), , cinematic moviemaker style,Mxl,DonMV01dfm4g1c3XL ,coocolor,Handsome boy

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