(An amazing and captivating abstract illustration:1.4), (trendwhore style:1.4), no humans, mecha pieces, robot parts, shattered reality, (colorful and minimalistic:1.3),light rays, glow, spark, (2004 aesthetics:1.2),(beautiful vector shapes:1.3), with (the text "ART-I":1.1), text block, blue theme. BREAK world map, x \(symbol\), gradient background, sharp details. BREAK highest quality, detailed and intricate, original artwork, trendy, vector art, vintage, award-winning, artint, SFW, ,night city,DonMW15pXL<lora:EMS-257709-EMS:0.700000>, <lora:EMS-338463-EMS:1.000000>, <lora:EMS-235767-EMS:0.600000>