RAW photo, (masterpiece:1.3), subsurface scattering, heavy shadow, (high quality:1.4), (intricate, high detail:1.2), professional photography, HDR, High Dynamic Range, realistic, ultra realistic, photorealistic, high resolution, film photography, ambient lighting, atmospheric effects, <lora:detail_slider_v4:2>,OverallDetail, epic medieval fantasy, a inquisitor, with Fiery Red long and braided hair, cowl, amulet, fingerless gloves,  studded belt, <lora:zoom_slider_v1:-1.5>,  <lora:cleavage:-1>, <lora:fantasyAI:0.4> tanjoreai, in the style of Tolkien, Middle Earth,  <lora:add\ImageEnhance:0.75>, epiCPhoto