((masterpiece)), ((best quality)), (ultra-detailed), ((kawaii)), cute, (lovely), ((sexy)), ((extremely detailed)), 4K, (8K), best quality, (beautiful), (((perfect face))), anime style, full body, (full body shot), sdetailed face, face in profile, full body focus, afternoon, spring, outside, a pretty woman, folding arms, huge breast, solo, beautiful black hair, beautiful black eyes, ((beautiful eyes)), samurai, full samurai armour, ((8 japanese katanas)), ((holding japanese katana)), hair ornaments, pissed, reflection effect, more detail XL, looking_at_viewerMore Detail, More Detail, blad4, dressart, midjourney, Japanese scene, Samuraniji, armor, firefliesfireflies,MECHA,techwear jacket,black gloves,tactical ve,Rabbit ear,PD-802,mecha

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