actress of 35 years old, squatting Kate Beckinsale, red lips, ((Cinematic Light, Best Quality, 8K, Masterpiece :1.2)), simple background, (Wearing a female police uniform and a police cap:1.3), (high heel shoes:1.2), short hair, good hand, 4k, (wearing t-shirt, and pants:1.1), high-res, masterpiece, best quality, head, ((Hasselblad photography)), finely detailed skin, sharp focus, (cinematic lighting), soft lighting, dynamic angle, [(detailed face:1.2):0.2], midriff peek, medium breasts, breasts, (((inside mansion))), (head tilt:1.2), (red background:1.1), dark-fantasy, kodak portrait 400, 8k, soft light, volumetric lighting, highly detailed