(plain 2D black on yellow two-colour illustration, pastel, two-colour, stains, aged and tattered, (pop icon art style:1.5))
(from below:1.1), oats field, misty dusk and fog, exterior, (a close portrait, girl, medieval, medieval cyborg girl:1.1), haymaker, harvest, [scythe:.4], cogs, gears, wires, cabels, robot, looking at the viewer, steampunk style hangar, head tilt, beautiful eyes, (cyborg girl body, sit, aestetic pose, harvesting machines, wheels, asphalt, industrial, glass, machinery, factory:1.1), (Dynamic Angle:1.5), (Dynamic Pose:1.5), (Expressive Thematic Background:1.3), (Ballistic Missles:1.3), (Alien Skies:1.3), (Key Lighting, Selective Focus:1.3),