(masterpiece,  best quality:1.3),  insaneres,  top quality,  8k,  highly detailed,  ultra-detailed portrait,  (cowboy shot),  (retro artstyle:1.2),  shiny hair, (traditional media:1.2),  manga,  colorful,  very long hair,  curly hair,  hair between eyes,  detailed face,  perfect face,  detailed eyes,  eyelashes,  lipstick,  summer dress,  floral print,  blonde hair,  green eyes),  aged up,  perfect hands,  nature,  meadow,  brook,  reflection,  nature,  raytracing,  colored eyelashes,  graphite (medium),  closed mouth,  (long sidelocks:1.2),  hairband,  elegant,  sultry,  (cinematic:1.2),  (anime screen),  bracelet,  (fantasy:1.4),  colorful,  puffy sleeves,  bending over,  beautiful,  sharp focus,  gorgeous,  perfect composition,  bloom,  sky,  fire emblem,  perfect shadow,  scenery,  (extremely detailed background),  (bloom),  looking to the side,  large breasts,  curvy,  sexy,  seductive smile,  (seductive pose:1.3),  stylish,  intricate details,  perfect female figure:1.1),  dynamic,  dynamic pose,  maiden,  1 girl,  (volumetric lighting:1.1),  film grain,  fully clothed,  motion blur, r0b0cap, more detail XL,<lora:EMS-265483-EMS:0.700000>,<lora:EMS-61413-EMS:0.200000>