Capture a striking photograph featuring a (Lush Girlfriend) who is also a (Tax collector), showcasing her warmth with a (radiant smile). She possesses (rich chestnut hair) and dons attire with (soothing winter tones). Utilize a (tilt-shift) technique to create a unique perspective, infusing a touch of (Horror) to add an intriguing twist. Enhance the scene with (specular lighting) casting shadows that amplify the cinematic ambiance. Employ the capabilities of a (Samsung Galaxy) with an aperture of (F/5) to achieve a perfect blend of focus and bokeh. Create a (cinematic still at 1.2) with (film grain) for a nostalgic touch and introduce (freedom-loving freckles) for added charm. Aim for the professional quality of a (35mm photograph) while ensuring the image is (highly detailed) in (4K resolution), delivering a visually compelling and emotionally resonant portrayal.